Cassette Verité (digital)


This is what a real mixtape sounds like. Cassette Verité by Mr. SOS in association with QN5 music. Featuring Substantial, Homeboy Sandman, Tonedeff, Kokayi, Pack FM, production by Marcus D, Deacon the Villain of CunninLynguists and more.

This offer contains:

-The Precursor
-Some Antics
-Can't Help Myself
-Playa Hata Hotline
-Redefining Mood (featuring Kokayi & Substantial)
-The Essence
-Night Fades
-Tired Of Living (featuring Steph)
-Soundtrack (featuring Tonedeff)
-I Told You (Nonsense)
-Mad Cowbell Disease
-O! (featuring PackFM & Homeboy Sandman)
-My Machine
-Summertime In The A (featuring Mighty High Coup)
-To You For Myself

Audio Format Options:
-AAC (iTunes/iPod compatible)
-High Quality MP3 (320 kbs)
-Apple Lossless

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